February 21, 2019

February 6, 2019

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January 26, 2018

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Valentine's Day Writing Prompts

February 14, 2019


Don't lose sight of opportunities to freshen up your writing. Here are a few Valentine's Day prompts to get your writing going. Let me know which you decide to try.


  • Write about a time when you felt genuinely loved.

  • Finish this sentence 20 different ways: I love…

  • Write a heartfelt message to someone from your past, friend or love interest, where the relationship ended without closure. 

  • A fictional character wakes up and it’s a perfectly normal day. However, when he tries to call his significant other, he discovers his partner’s name is not in his phone. He soon discovers that his loved one no longer exists. Everyone seems to think he’s crazy, since they have absolutely no idea who his loved one is. What happens next?

  • Write a poem about heartbreak.

  • Write a paragraph describing how eating your favorite dessert makes you feel.

  • Describe a passionately intimate experience during a rain storm.

  • In what feels like a plot out of a bad movie, you have been visited by your past partners, who are trying to collectively teach you a lesson about love. Why have they come now and what is the lesson they want to teach you?

  • You and your significant other have been distant. You agree at one last attempt to save your relationship. How do you describe to them the love you want to receive?

  • What do you think it means to fall in love with someone? Do you think that you'll ever fall in love yourself?


Happy Writing!

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