February 21, 2019

February 6, 2019

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Productive Writing Tips At Your Service

January 26, 2018

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The Write Attitude

February 6, 2019


You love it or you hate it, there is no in between. SO let’s be honest, how do you feel about writing? If you’re reading this, chances are you want to write but a little naggy voice in your brain is telling you you suck at it.


You may. You may not.


One thing is for certain, you won’t get any better at it or even feel any better about it if you let the naggy voice win.


Those who know me know that I am not a cook. I can barely whip up a week’s worth of meals without having to use a recipe. The worst thing that could have ever happened to me, in my mind, was me becoming a single mother. Bare with me, there’s a point to all of this. Being a single mother, I knew if I didn’t cook I’d be buying fast food. I didn’t want to feed my kids in drive-throughs everyday, so I had to start cooking…and without repeating meals week after week.


One day, I decided to use Pinterest for something other than party planning…recipes! Along with that newfound decision, I chose to approach cooking with a better attitude: if I was going to cook, I was going to put effort into it to do it well! Alas! I haven’t repeated a meal in months! Sometimes they are yummy deliciousness, sometimes my kids push their plates away. Are my feelings hurt? Meh, a little. But, I just remove that recipe from my ‘Recipes’ board and never look back.


Now, apply this approach to writing. Many of you DM or inbox me about wanting to have a voice, but being scared to write or share your writing. You have to choose to write and do it well, that means first you have to write! Go into it knowing that every story, poem, or blog won’t traverse down into the depths of every readers’ soul. Most pieces will be good, some will be aweseomsauce, while others will be meh.


When I changed my attitude about cooking, it changed the quality of my dishes. How do you think you will benefit from changing your attitude about writing?


If you need help getting that attitude in shape, email me so we can set up your author coaching sessions!


Happy Writing!

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