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February 6, 2019

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Productive Writing Tips At Your Service

January 26, 2018

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Initiate a Writing Ritual

February 4, 2019


Athletes are notorious for practicing rituals such as wearing the same pair of socks on game day or not shaving until they lose a game. Think of writing as your sport. You need to get your head in the game.


Write every day. How do you expect to ever find your writer's voice if you don't exercise is? Whether you have time to get in 2,500 words a day, or you simply craft a poem in your phone's notepad, spend time on your skill.


Brainstorm in public. I prefer to go to a restaurant with a bar, that’s where Uncorked: A Writing & Wine Experience came from. I found that paired with a glass of wine, I was easily able to unleash my thoughts. Using the people around me, I would have a torrent of ideas surrounding their made-up life circumstances in my head. And, yes, eavesdropping helps to stir the creative pot just a tad.


Don’t dwell in writer’s block. If you are experiencing this evil little troll, get out of there. If you are staring at your computer or paper for more than 15 minutes and nothing comes, use some of my tried and true methods to thwart it. If none of those work, move on. Forcing yourself to sit through an unproductive, scheduled writing time will subconsciously make you apprehensive about trying again the next day. Give yourself a good faith effort, then try fresh later.


In a hotel. I’ve heard many writers say being in a hotel helps them successfully finish their projects quicker. I haven’t tried it, but it makes sense. You are away from your usual surroundings, things, and people who would normally distract you. Being out of your comfort zone could put you in an effective writing zone.


Be prepared. Don’t just sit down to write…know where you are going, have a goal, bring your envisioned story to life. Brainstorming and outlining are different than writing. When attacking the meat of the book, have the mindset to be productive before you begin. Eliminate distractions and get to writing.


Have music. Not loud, blaring, hard hitting beats. Go for softer tunes, slow jams or classical music. As the music flows, so will your fingers on the keys.


Get comfy. I never write in a business suit. My most productive writing is after a shower, sitting on my soft couch in lounging clothes or at a coffee shop in leggings and a t-shirt. Being comfortable allows me to concentrate more on my content than pants gripping tightly at my waistline.


Meditate. Spend 5 to 10 minutes in complete silence, inhaling and exhaling deeply. Concentrate on your breathing while eliminating any thoughts that do not encompass writing. Envision your book, see yourself happily typing on your computer, feel the sensation of jubilation when you complete the first draft. Open your eyes and write from that space.


What writing rituals do you think will energize your writing?

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