February 21, 2019

February 6, 2019

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Productive Writing Tips At Your Service

January 26, 2018

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How To Find Your Writer's Voice

August 21, 2018


Have you read something and thought, ‘I wish I could write this well?’ or ‘Why doesn’t my writing come out this good?’ Trust me, it’s perfectly normal. Even when I read for pleasure, I am amazed at how ‘good’ some authors’ writing comes across.


Every writer has a voice that is authentic and unique to who they are. Whether honed over years and years of toiling, or if you are just beginning to free your written voice, one thing is certain…your voice is yours!


Spend less time pondering your voice and more time finding it. How do you find your writer’s voice?


Write! Well duh! How else can you discover who you are and what you sound like if you never put pen to paper…or your fingers to the keyboard? The more you write, the more you will come into a rhythm of you. It won’t take you long to start to notice a pattern of words or cadences that you use. First steps first, begin writing.


Get feedback! Yes, this may be a bit nerve-racking initially. You need to know how others view what you have to offer. Kinda like those singers who audition for American Idol as the world’s greatest singer…then Simon tells them they are the world’s greatest shower yodeler. Ask people whose opinions you value to provide you honest feedback, then use it to improve. If you don't have anyone you trust, I provide writer feedback, so email me to get it cracking.


Listen to your clients! If you have them. I always send the first draft of a new job as just that, a draft. I let my clients know their input and adjustments are welcomed. If changes need to be made, we work through them together. This offers you alternative perspectives and broadens the scope of your writing.


48-hour rule! Yes…wait. After writing a job, unless it’s a rush, I sit it to the side. I come back to it at least 48-hours later to let it breathe. This allows you to read/edit with the perspective of a reader who can make adjustments as a writer. You will be able to fill in the piece by answering questions you had from the reader’s perspective.


Happy writing!

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