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January 26, 2018

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Smartphones: A Writer's BFF

June 26, 2018


Did I say smartphones are a writer’s BFF? I sure did. When people think about writers, they think computers, or the antiquated pen and paper. These days, having electronic devices are churning out more books than you know! Here’s how your smartphone can help you.


Capture the moment.

You know that stroke of genius that you get around 2 or 3 in the morning? Yeah, it’s totally impractical to be coherent enough to grab a pad and pen to jot your ideas down. Instead, grab your phone and text yourself or put it in your Note App.


Note/Pages App

Pages is more for long-winded writing because the pages are formatted like traditional Word doc pages. For shorter bursts, the Note App is my go-to. Not only can you use it for brainstorming and outlining, but the search feature makes it super easy to find whatever Note you’re looking for.


Cheat…select an emoji for every Note dealing with a certain project and put it at the top of all Notes related to that project so it’s easy to find them all by searching for that emoji. Works best with poetry collections!


Dictation Tool

Better. Than. Sliced. Bread. OMG! Open up your Note/Pages App and at the bottom of the keyboard is a tiny microphone. Click that and SPEAK…that’s right speak into your phone. The words will appear on the screen. This works like a charm for slow texters or getting ideas out quickly before forgetting them.


Email Yourself

Listen, there are few things worse than the feeling of losing all of your work due to electronic failure. Computers die, crash, get stolen, and kids pour juice on them. Don’t let that be your struggle. Email your work every 2k, 5k, or 10k words so you don’t have to start from scratch. You’ll always have it because emails don’t die!



Follow other authors and writers. Take screenshots of their motivational or funny writing posts. You’ll need these to motivate you through the process!


Happy Writing!

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