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Productive Writing Tips At Your Service

January 26, 2018

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Productive Writing Tips At Your Service

January 26, 2018



             “What do you do all day?” they ask.

              “Write!” I say…I yell…I exclaim!

          During my workday, I write anywhere from 500 to 5,000 words a day depending upon my workload, as well as my mood. Google how many words a freelancer writes and the answers will surely vary. Working from home means that there is a greater need self-motivate and push to get stuff done. Each day, productivity has to be optimal to do my best work. Regardless of my mood and whatever is going on in my personal life, my clients still expect their projects to be completed.


Here are a few tips for productivity to help other freelance writers.


 TIP: Set your day before you start.

            You can’t just open the computer and start working. Certain projects are harder and more time consuming than others. Yet, deadlines come into play to determine what has to get done first. Whatever has to get finished that day, should already be done. In the event that it’s not, do those tasks first. Put the small, quick tasks on the list next. Knock out as many of those as possible before diving into larger, more complex projects. I like to work on big projects with nothing else to work on that day with fervent concentration.


TIP: Take mental breaks!

            It’s very easy to get carried away trying to get as much work finished as possible at the risk of burnout. If you don’t want to take a long lunch, take smaller 15 minute mental breaks. Go for a jog around the block to get some fresh air, do floor exercises to get your blood pumping or drive to Starbucks to give your eyes a break from the screen. Then come back…refreshed…ready to jump back into work!


TIP: Cut down the multi-tasking!

            Put..down…the…phone…Stop thinking you can #hashtag about #writing #bragging about home #worklife. Stop #tweeting, #facebooking, #instagramming, doing #chores and keep your #focus. Limit your social media activity, chores and grocery shopping to breaks or after your work day is done. Writing for six to eight hours is taxing and can be lonely, especially if you are the only one home.  You can be more productive in four devoted one hour blocks than you can shuffling around for eight hours.


TIP: Set project deadlines.

            Having a goal to work towards does wonders for your brain’s stamina. If you are writing a book, set a daily word or page count. If you are blogging, set a number of blogs to write. Be realistic with the time frames you set so that they are attainable, while at the same time motivate you not to lackadaisically sit on your butt.


Happy Writing!

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