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January 26, 2018

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Make Money Writing 3 Ways

January 25, 2018


You know that you want to make money writing, but there is an uncertainty about where to put your skills to use. How do you start? How do you let people know that you are open for business? Well, here three ways to make money writing.


Resume Writing…

…is something that is easy to do and does not take very much time to perfect. People are constantly looking for jobs which means that you have the world as potential customers. According to CNNMoney there were 14 million people actively seeking employment last May. Each one of them invariably needs one thing…


…you to produce a stimulating, persuasive professional picture of their abilities.


This need ends up being beneficial for you in two ways. First, you are able to make money writing. Secondly, it introduces you to clients who will utilize your services at a later date…or…spread the word to bring you additional clients.


TIP: Start with close friends and family. When you find out someone is looking for a job, let them know you will refresh their resume. After your loved one receives their much improved professional masterpiece, tell them to spread the word.


Website Content…

…is something that is necessary to have a fully functional, customer interface. Businesses and non-profit organizations have websites to express what their products and interests are all about. Giving descriptions of items in an online store allows you the freedom to be vivid and expressive with your language. This persuasive form of writing is to talk about the products pictured on the website in a way that will coax potential buyers into repeat clients.


Non-profit organizations may be fun, or they may be serious, but they all need content. How else can they convey their message and solicit funding? Your job will be to convey to the curious peruser that they should take up the cross and help the organization spread awareness.


TIP: Link up with a website designer. Entrepreneurs often ask one hired professional if they know any others, like a photographer, attorney, etc. Let a few website designers know when they have clients who can benefit from the services you offer, to send them in your direction.



Business To Business Copywriters…

…are few and far between. Statistics boast 8 million B2B businesses that need writing help. How would you help them? You would prepare promotional material from one business that is needed by another business. For example, Home Depot sends solicitation info to construction companies so those companies make their building purchases from Home Depot.


You would be the one to help create or revamp brochures, media kits, business cards, white papers, and other marketing materials. The Business Marketing Association estimates that over $85 billion is spent annually in this arena. I think it’s fair to say you can certainly tap into that market to corner a few well-paying clients.


B2B clients take more into consideration than an impressive portfolio – although that helps. They consider work history, education, as well as professional courses taken. So, if you are a new B2B copywriter and you lack a long list of previous clients, don’t fear, you too are capable of bringing home the bacon. Just highlight the various types of experience you have.


TIP: Use professional networking sites, such as LinkedIn to advertise your services. These sites are clamoring with professionals who represent a myriad of businesses and are always seeking new, fresh talent.


Happy Writing!

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