With his mask on, Sgt. Apollo Knight, IV, is tall and muscular, with a gorgeous face much like the Greek gods and warriors he and his three brothers were named for. As a third generation firefighter who puts out fires in the real world while turning up heat in the bedroom, he has just about everything he thinks he needs. A brief encounter with the mysterious and alluring Londyn, who grudgingly gives him her heart to repair, turns into a love story where Sgt. Knight is exposed to a type of love he never knew was possible. When he falls for Londyn, she becomes his addiction which brings about an entire set of intense complications. With his mask off, Sgt. Knight is holding on to a secret that could destroy his newfound caring, sensual relationship. Follow him as a tragic death in the family rocks his core and thrusts him into the public spotlight while threatening to destroy his very existence. Be a part of the journey to see if the trust behind Londyn’s adoring eyes wanes as the mask crumbles off. Examine the lengths he explores to protect the image of family he’s always wanted when an unexpected pregnancy threatens the whole thing. Will he be able to look himself in the mirror once Londyn uncovers the reality that the charismatic, seductive Sgt. Knight is not living his truth?


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Autographed Mask Off (Vol. 1)


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