Sgt. Apollo Knight, IV’s, brother was murdered in cold-blood, bringing him face-to-face with the fallacies that built the family he thought he wanted. Although Londyn relishes him with motivation and true, unadulterated love, it is still Maya, his fiancée, who offers him the appearance of family and stability. Now that his mask is falling off, others follow suit and his world keeps rupturing around him. Two women hold the keys to both his sanity and happiness, but the new truths of carelessness and dishonesty that emerge could ultimately leave him standing alone. Sgt. Knight must sift through the ramifications of his actions before his table is wiped clean of options. This follow-up to Mask Off delves into the power that love and longing have to hold us hostage in a place where we should no longer be; the yearning to be in the presence of someone who has captivated our heart and mind when it seems they can be ripped away from us. Sgt. Knight must make the impossible decision to do right by those he claims to love, or selfishly choose himself.


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